10 Tips to Consider Before Choosing the Right CBD Product for Arthritis

CBD for Arthritis for Seniors
Using CBD for Arthritis: 10 Tips to Consider Before Choosing the Right Product

Arthritis is a common disease among seniors and more than 54 million people in the USA are suffering from this chronic health condition. The worst part about arthritis is that very few treatment options are available for patients. Taking pain-killer or opting for surgery is some of the available options but such solutions cannot promise long term relief. The use of CBD or Cannabidiol, which is an extract of cannabis plants, has shown some positive results in pre-clinical studies. Several research and experiments revealed the good side of CBD for chronic conditions like arthritis. Seniors can try this natural remedy to decrease the pain of arthritis and here we will talk about the tips to consider before choosing the right CBD product.

1.Confirm your purpose first

As a senior, you may prefer CBD as a natural remedy to treat multiple diseases, while the fact is that you cannot apply CBD for everything. Thousands of arthritis patients across the world have experienced considerable changes in their condition after taking CBD. Unbearable pain is the key symptom of arthritis and CBD may reduce inflammatory pain by targeting the pain receptors that respond to stimulation.

2.Check the level of THC

Like CBD, THC is a part of cannabis plants and it is not as beneficial as CBD. A low percentage of THC, however, may make things better for you. Researchers have found that the presence of less than 3% THC can enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD. If you are purchasing a CBD-based product, never forget to check the level of THC on the label.

3.Prefer Broad Spectrum CBD products

If you are ready to purchase CBD products to get relief from arthritis pain, prefer broad-spectrum CBD products. Two types of CBD products are available out there – CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD. CBD is the purest form of cannabinoid and it is considered as the most efficient. However, CBD may work better when it comes with other cannabis substances. Broad-spectrum CBD products can amplify the effect of CBD and functions better as a pain reliever.

4.Place of origin

Hemp is a widely regarded product in the United States and the use of CBD for pain management has become common. The United States is one of the best places to purchase CBD-based products. If you are planning to buy any form of CBD products, make sure it originated from the USA. If the maker is from a foreign country, try to learn about the source of their ingredients.


When we consume food, medicine or anything edible, our stomach breaks them down the extract nutrients. However, not all the food items are strong enough to reach that level and lost before they get into the bloodstream. As a senior, you must think about your digestive power and prefer CBD products prepared to improve bioavailability. This may speed up the absorption process and ensure better efficacy.

6.Consumption method 

There are some varieties of CBD products and you may find it a bit difficult to pick the suitable one from the crowd. Oil is one of the most popular forms of CBD-based products and you can use it in many ways. Arthritis patients can apply them on their skin or simply drop a few drops under the tongue to get relief from pain. Capsules are another popular form and it can be a suitable option for you if you do not have any digest related issues. CBD topicals are also out there for external use and you can apply them if you do not want to consume them.

7.Free of unnatural substances 

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural product and it comes with many beneficial properties. Remember, addictives cannot make too much difference in their efficacy. People who do not like the taste of CBD often lookout for flavored options and here, you have to make sure that the added substances are all-natural and the product is free of potential allergens.

8.Check the test results

If you are looking for the best CBD product to get relief from chronic arthritis pain, check out the rest results or COA (certificate of analysis) provided by authorized agencies. The test results will show the percentage of THC and other contaminants. If the manufacturer does not want to share it, go for a reputable maker.

9.Do not believe in health claims 

Although some studies suggest that CBD-based products might be used to manage pain they have limitations. CBD can be taken as a legal drug for minor problems like migraines. In some cases, manufacturers highlight dramatic claims like CBD can be used to treat diseases like cardiovascular and cancer. Beware of such false promises and try to learn the true power of CBD.

10.Go through the return policy

If you are purchasing a CBD-based product from a reputable manufacturer or retailer, the company must stand behind its product. Some companies offer money-back guarantees and you can prefer them to get the best product for pain management. Buying a product without a guarantee or flexible return policy can be a risky business.

Researchers are optimistic about the positive effects of CBD on arthritis pain. Many seniors across the US have reportedly witnessed significant changes after taking CBD-based products to manage pain. As a senior, you must take care of these above-mentioned factors before you start taking CBD to improve the quality of life.

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