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SuperPlantz is an online informational platform for plant-based products that support health and wellness. The information available on SuperPlantz has been carefully curated and presented to meet the special requirements of seniors for education and customer experience. As usage of CBD-based products is growing among seniors, it is essential to provide the right resources to make an informed decision. 

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CBD For Seniors

Today there are over 47 million seniors in the U.S. aged 65 or older, representing 15% of all Americans. Over 27% of seniors suffer from anxiety disorders while up to 88% have chronic pain.  A recent study of 1,000 seniors ages 54 and up found that 9% of seniors have tried CBD for health-related reasons and 51% of those that have tried it reported having an improved quality of life afterward. 

Given the incidence of pain, sleep problems and anxiety among seniors, and their concerns about taking too many pharmaceuticals, it’s easy to see why CBD is taking off with older adults – with one in five Americans over 50 now using some kind of CBD products.

CBD is claimed to be a natural antidote to heal an assortment of ailments like back pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, certain types of epilepsy, stress anxiety, immune disorder, sleep disorder, and pain perception that are common among seniors.

SuperPlantz site will help provide you with educational information and options as it related to plant-based wellness options.  We welcome you to learn, share and help better understand alternative and complementary protocols which are evolving daily around us.