5 Reasons Why Seniors may use CBD to Boost Golfing Performance

5 Reasons Why Seniors may use CBD to Boost Golfing Performance

Golfing is one of the favorite sporting activities among many seniors. Believe it or not, many older adults are using CBD products to boost their golfing performance. Even there are hush-hush reports that even some professional golfers use CBD-based products to improve their performance on the field. 

Cannabinoids or CBD is one of the most important ingredients available in cannabis. According to studies, CBD is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and pro-homeostasis and it acts as a great remedy to reduce chronic pain. Several studies have shown that properties in CBD may improve one’s cognitive function. Now, if you question how on earth CBD can help seniors in the golf course, you must read this blog. We have highlighted a few possible benefits of CBD that may help golfers.

1. It Fights Inflammation 

CBD is mostly known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Although balanced inflammation is beneficial for health, imbalanced inflammation can cause various disorders like nerve damage, chronic pain, deterioration of joint health, etc.

Like other athletes, golfers often suffer from physical strain and imbalances inflammation. According to some researchers, CBD may help to speed up the recovery of bone and joint injuries. It reduces inflammation and facilitates the formation of healthier cells.

2. It Establishes Connection between Mind and Body 

If you are an athlete you will understand the importance of a sound relation between mind and muscle well. In scientific terms, this connection is known as neuromuscular coordination involving both our muscles and the nervous system. Sports like golf involve endless practice and regular modification to techniques.

CBD can influence our nervous system in many ways. Beneficial properties in CBD may improve conditions like movement disorders. CBD activates endocannabinoid type 2 receptors that influence motor neurons. A team of researchers from Harvard admits that the endocannabinoid system is a bridge between the mind and body.

3. Good for Joints  

The joint problem is one of the most prevalent health disorders among golfers and also seniors. A golfer can have injuries in elbows, shoulders, neck, lower back, knees, hips, and hands while seniors have joint issues due to age.

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that properties in CBD may increase osteoblast activities, which is important for the recovery from fractures and breaks. CBD reduces inflammation and promotes the growth of new bone cells.

4. It Ensures Better Sleep  

Quality sleep can enhance your energy level and as an athlete, this is something you need most. Golf is one of the sporting activities where the power of concentration plays a major role. Many international-level professional golfers were reportedly taken CBD-based products to improve the quality of sleep.

An article in ESPN has recently revealed that many PGA-level golfers now prefer plant-based compounds like CBD to improve sleep. According to researchers, properties in CBD can minimize the factors that cause disturbances in sleep. CBD may help you to move your body from REM (Rapid Eye Movement) to NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement).   

5. CBD is Legal in Golf 

The 2018 Farm Bill made the cultivation and selling of hemp legal provided the product has been prepared with the right extraction methods and the quantity of THC. In a statement, the PGA Tour Anti-Doping Program said that CBD-based products are not prohibited on the field. Likewise, (WADA) the World Anti-Doping Agency has recently removed CBD from its list of banned substances. 

These are some of the key reasons why modern golfers may consume CBD-based products to improve performance. However, as a senior you are probably not looking for professional golf skill-boosting; rather enjoy the game without causing pain or inflammation. That is where CBD can help the seniors most. However, not all CBD-based products are safe to consume. You must check its brand, the source, extraction process, lab report and the percentage of THC before you decide to consume it to improve performance.

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