5 Ways to Avoid Fake CBD Products for Seniors while Shopping Around

5 Ways to Avoid Fake CBD Products for Seniors while Shopping Around

The practice of using CBD products to get relief from specific health conditions among seniors is widely increasing. The popularity of CBD among seniors probably indicates that older adults do realize the usefulness and willing to purchase these products. Millions of people especially seniors across the world have tried CBD-based products to get relief from various health issues like pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and more. If you are among these people who are planning to buy CBD for a valid reason, you must learn the way to identify the best products available in the market. 

The immense popularity of CBD-based products facilitates the rise of scam and illegal practices. Like the genuine products, fake products are also out there to lure buyers. If you do not want to waste your money on counterfeit CBD products, learn ways to avoid them. Have a look at 5 best ways to get rid of fake CBD products while shopping around.

 1. Check the Label 

It does not matter what kind of CBD-based product it is, the product must have a label on it. Whether it is CBD oil, capsules, or gum, you must check the label on the container to verify its authenticity. 

Now, look at the label and search the phrases like a certified product, full-spectrum, hemp-driven, pure CBD, etc. If the product is genuine, the label will state about the concentration, percentage of CBD, availability of any other substances like THC, expiration date, etc.

2.The Manufacturing Process 

The manufacturing process or the extraction methods remain a critical step in verifying the genuineness of a CBD-based product. CBD product manufacturers apply various types of methods in the process. Now, the question is that does the company you have chosen follow the best practices.

Alcohol extraction and CO2 extraction are two common methods companies follow to produce CBD products. Reputed brands always prefer the CO2 extraction method, which is quite safe and free from harmful substances. The brand must provide information on the extraction process. If you find it hard to track, look out for another brand.   

 3.The Source 

Now, come to another important part. The source of the ingredients is something that will determine the quality of the product. In some cases, hemp cultivators use synthetic chemicals and harmful solutions to ensure better potency and growth. This is not something a reputable CBD product manufacturer should follow.

The hemp from which the product is made should have grown organically. Cultivation of hemp is legal in 46 US states. Hence, you can rely on US-based sources. However, when verifying a CBD- product, make sure it has been manufactured in an FDA registered and GMP-certified facility.

4. Lab Reports 

Lab reports or third party verification is an important factor and you should ignore it at any cost. Genuine and renowned CBD product manufacturers always want authorized parties like a third-party lab to evaluate and certify their products. The lab report will indicate a CBD-based product’s ingredients, percentage of CBD, potency, overall quality, and safety. 

For better outcomes, you can also rely on the company’s COA (Certificate of Analysis). The lab report will ensure whether the product is free of solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, harsh chemicals, etc.

 5. Hit the Manufacturer’s Website

Trusted companies come with their official website with all the information a customer needs. It must have a dedicated section for communication. They should make it easy for consumers to reach their customer care executives. They should be ready to provide all product-related information.

Ill-reputed and fake companies always try to avoid such kind of interaction and you can hardly talk to their executives. You can also check the FAQ and testimonial sections to learn more about their products and after-sale services.

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