CBD Dosages and Usage Guide for Seniors

CBD Dosages and Usage Guide for Seniors

 CBD comprises a number of therapeutic properties that may bring significant changes in the health conditions of seniors. Millions of seniors in the US are suffering from age-related health disorders like chronic pain, stress, anxiety, indigestion and more. 

Though the medicinal use of CBD has not been legalized in many parts of the USA, several laboratory experiments have shown how therapeutic properties in CBD might be used to treat various types of age-related health disorders. If you are looking for a natural and side-effect-free remedy, you may try CBD-based products to target a certain type of health condition but the question is that do you know anything about the dosages and usage of CBD? If you are a CBD beginner, this information may help you.

 CBD, its Dosage and Safety

As a beginner, you must learn how CBD works in our body and whether it is safe for you or not. CBD is a naturally found substance of Cannabis and it directly interacts with the receptors that control mood, sensitivity, and emotion. Several laboratory experiments have shown that beneficial properties in CBD may help seniors to improve various types of health conditions.

Before we say anything about the dosage of CBD-based products, we must mention that FDA does not approve the use of CBD as medicine and hence no guideline on the use of CBD has been issued by the agency.

A CBD-based product can come with its guidelines, as different manufacturers follow different guidelines on it. However, the dosage and quantity usually depend on several factors like age, body weight, lifestyle, food habits, and medication.

As a senior, you may consume CBD regularly to target a certain health condition. Here, you must remember that CBD is safe if taken properly. The quantity of the product depends on the age and body weight. If your body weight is around 100 lbs, you can start with 10-20 mg per day, while people with 200+ lbs body weight can start with 20-45 mg per day. The number of dosage can be increased with time. 

Mild side effects like tiredness, diarrhoea, changes in appetite, nausea can arise with the increase in quality and frequency and you must consult a physician in such a condition. 

Different Forms of CBD 

CBD products are available in different forms. It can be oral tinctures, edibles, CBD isolate or topicals and you can choose any according to your preferences. Oral tinctures are available in the form of oil or hemp. It is suitable for seniors, as it is easy to digest. You can prefer hemp oil that features all the benefits of CBD and other nutrients.

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and it is available with carrier oil. Likewise, topicals are the CBD-infused locations, patches or balms that can be applied on the skin. The edibles, on the other hand, are not suitable for seniors, as they take time to ingest. 

Though no harsh side-effects have been reported by the seniors even after long term use, overdose, self-medication or misuse of CBD-based products can result in unexpected outcomes. We, therefore, suggest you consult a physician and check the state policy on the use of CBD before ordering any CBD-based product. 

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