10 Factors of Concern that a Senior Must Consider About CBD Products

CBD for Seniors

10 Factors of Concern that a Senior Must Consider About CBD Products

The use of Cannabidiol or CBD products has become quite common now. Like many other countries such as Canada, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Ireland, Italy and more, the medicinal use of CBD-based products is getting recognition in many parts of the United States. According to a study, the consumption of CBD-based products among seniors across the world has increased by 250% between the years of 2006 and 2013. The USA is the home of more than 47 million seniors and the recognition of medicinal use of CBD can bring a new ray of hope in their lives. Although laboratory experiments on CBD have reportedly shown some positive results, seniors should keep a few things in mind when they start taking CBD as medicine to get relief from specific health conditions. Have a look at 10 concerns about CBD seniors should keep in mind. 

1.  Why should you prefer CBD?

Many patients, especially seniors, have acknowledged that they have noticed significant changes in their health condition after including CBD-based products in their medication. It can be chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety or inflammation; seniors across the world have started showing trust in CBD to heal such health conditions.

2. Will it cure your specific health condition?

Dozens of countries across the world have recognized the medicinal use of CBD. Research says CBD is a naturally found remedy and it may show positive outcomes on several experiments. If you are a senior citizen, you may try CBD to get relief from health conditions like anxiety, depression, arthritis pain, inflammatory pain, nerve-related pain, pain associated with cancer, chronic pain, etc.

3. What about THC?

Like CBD, THC is an integral part of cannabis and it comes with some side effects. The effects of THC can be a serious concern for seniors, as it can invite conditions like heady euphoria and memory impairment. CBD, on the other hand, is an isolated form of cannabis and it does not contain THC.

4. Is there any condition for doses?

As a senior, you might be under medication for single or multiple diseases and it is quite important to consult a physician before you start taking CBD-based products. However, a senior may take between 10 and 15 milligrams CBD a day to get relief from pain. Overdose can invite several health issues like drowsiness, diarrhea, digestive issues, etc.

5. How to choose the right CBC product?

The product should be made by a reputable company and it must be free of THC. It should show the amount of CBD and the test results as well. The place of origin can be a major factor. If you are a US citizen, you can prefer a product from the states like Colorado, Kentucky or Oregon.

6. What is the right form of CBD?

Before you choose CBD to treat a specific condition, ensure what kind of form you are comfortable with. CBD-based products are available in different forms. It can be oil, powder, spray, edibles, and capsules and you have to choose the right form according to your condition. Seniors with digestive issues can prefer oil form for better effect.

7. How to verify a CBD-product?

The process of CBD extraction is an important factor and you have to make sure the maker extracts CBD from the cannabis plant using a safe and hygienic way. Make sure no harsh chemicals or solutions have been used in the process.

8. Whether it is legal or not?

Although the use of CBD-based products remains illegal under federal laws, several states across the USA allow the medicinal use of CBD. The product must contain less than 3% THC and it may not fall under the prohibition. Before you purchase a CBD product, make sure it is allowed in your state.

9. Is it a miracle medicine?

Although many seniors across the US have benefited from the use of CBD-based products it should not be considered as a miracle remedy at all. You cannot expect it to cure a certain medical condition overnight. It works on seniors slower than young adults and as a senior, you may start to feel significant changes after a couple of weeks.

10. What about the side effects?

Side effects of CBD-based products can be a major concern for seniors. If you take a CBD product with other medicines simultaneously, you have to watch out for reactions. Patients often experience severe reactions after taking CBD products with other medicines. Apart from this, CBD-based products often cause side effects like mood swings, digestive issues, drowsiness, decreased appetite, etc. These are some of the key factors seniors should consider before using CBD. Several factors like age, the severity of the disease, other medicine, quality of the CBD product often determine the effect of CBD on one’s body. It is better to consult a physician before you include any kind of CBD-based product in your daily medicine.

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