10 Things Seniors Should Know Before Buying CBD Products

10 Things Seniors Should Know Before Buying CBD Products

Several studies suggest that CBD is a natural wonder and it can be helpful to get relief from many age-related issues like arthritis pain, poor immune system, insomnia, loss of appetite, mood swing and more. The U.S is the home of nearly 47 million seniors and many of them have tried CBD-based products to get relief from specific health disorders. Are you planning to buy your first CBD product but still wonder about the factors you should look at before making the purchase? This post may help you in the process. Here, we will highlight 10 things you need to learn before buying a CBD-based product.

1. Why Are you Opting for CBD? 

This is one of the most important things you must be clear about before making the purchase. If you are a senior you may opt for CBD to improve a certain health condition like chronic pain, arthritis, seizure, depression or anxiety. Recreational use of CBD is illegal in most of the states; hence, you must have a valid reason to consume CBD. We suggest you visit a physician to try the best CBD for your health disorder.

2. Learn About the THC Content  

Before you make the purchase, check the percentage of THC in your CBD product. Although most of the states have legalized the use of CBD for certain types of diseases there are some restrictions on the availability of THC in a CBD product. According to Federal Law, a CBD-based product can contain only 0.3% or less THC.

3. Look at the Ingredients  

If you are looking for the best CBD product, you have to look at the ingredients it is made of. Remember, the solution is not entirely made of CBD content and it may contain organic MCT oil, passionflower extract, organic limonene, lime, lavender, ginger, and many other components. Before you make a decision, make sure the ingredients are not potentially harmful.

 4. Source of the Hemp  

If you are looking for the best CBD-product to improve a certain type of health condition, make sure the hemp is originated from a reliable source. Reputable companies always follow agricultural guidelines and do not use pesticides or any harsh chemicals when cultivating cannabis.

 5. The Extraction Method 

This is another important thing you must know before ordering a CBD-based product. Some companies use the solvent extraction method to produce CBD from cannabis. Solvent extraction, however, involves the use of harmful chemicals like ethanol, butane, propane or alcohol that can make the solution harmful for our health. CO2 is considered the safest and the best method to extract CBD from cannabis and you can give it a go.

 6. Type of CBD Product  

Not all the CBD-based products are the same and you must know about the type you are purchasing. When shopping around, you will find options like full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD. Isolate CBD is considered the purest form of CBD that contains 99.9% CBD hemp. Full-spectrum CBD contains some beneficial compounds along with a nominal amount of THC, while broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC.

 7. Check the Lab Report 

The lab report indicates the quality of the CBD product you are purchasing. A reputed CBD manufacturer must allow the buyers to learn about the lab report. You can check the report by visiting their official website or contact them directly to enquire about it. The company must publish an updated lab report that may include information like the date, CBD percentage, availability of other components, lab accreditation, etc.

 8. The reputation of the Brand  

Not all the CBD manufacturers are legal and reputable and you have to find the right one to get the best CBD product. Never forget to check the accreditation of the company. Many companies come with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation and you can rely on them. Reading online reviews and checking ratings can also be an effective way to learn about a brand.

 9. Check Your State Laws on CBD 

Before you think about buying any kind of CBD product, check whether purchasing or use of CBD products is legal in the region or not. Now, check if your state laws allow people to use CBD in public, as many states do not allow such activities. Besides, you can also check if there is any restriction on the quantity of CBD product purchase in your area.

10. Pay Fair Price  

If you are shopping around to buy the best CBD product, you must have come with a budget in mind. Remember, quality products never come with cheap price tags and you may find their price a little bit higher than cheap products. Good quality CBD products generally price high due to extensive cultivation and testing process, but you should compare that you are not paying higher than the reasonable price. 

As a senior, you may try CBD-based products to get relief from a certain health condition. However, you must consult a physician to learn about the right type of CBD product for you and its dosages. In addition, you should also check the state law on the purchase and consumption of CBD before buying these products.

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