CBD and its Effects on Pain – Natural Way of Pain Management for Seniors

CBD for Seniors for Pain Management
CBD and its Effects on Pain – Natural Way of Pain Management for Seniors

Seniors are more likely to experience pain than young adults and they often accept it as a natural aspect of aging. Frequent or persistent pain can be a big barrier for a person who wants to improve the quality of life. Mild or unbearable pain can derive from both short and long-term health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, neurologic disorder, cardiovascular issues, stroke, joint stiffness, cancer and more.

There is no scarcity of pain relievers and physicians prescribe pain medication according to the conditions. However, pain remedies have their limitations and they start reacting negatively after a certain period and compel patients to include opioids and steroids in their medication.

CBD, a naturally available ingredient of cannabidiol has emerged as a highly effective pain management solution for seniors. Pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties available in CBD target receptors that control our sensation, pain, feelings, mood, and memory. Let us stress the key benefits of CBD for seniors in terms of pain management, its applications and effects.

Benefits of CBD for Seniors in Pain Management

The pain management approach aims to help people living with chronic pain and allows them to improve their quality of life. The pain management system involves pain medicine, healthy activities, wellness program and applying other alternatives like CBD.

The United States is the home of more than 47 million seniors and nearly 80% of them are suffering from chronic pain. Nearly 9% of the total number of seniors in the USA have tried CBD for various health issues and 51% of them have received satisfactory results.

Many seniors with chronic pain use CBD products to manage pain and ensure a better quality of life. Pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties in CBD may reduce pain (joint, back, muscle, cancer, etc) inflammation and overall discomfort caused by different health issues.

How CBD Can Control Pain

CBD may work as an alternative for seniors suffering from chronic pain and relying on medicines like opioids or steroids. Beneficial properties in CBD products target the core component of ECS (Endocannabinoid System) receptors in the human brain and immune system. This interaction causes pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects and the process facilitates pain management.

Effect of CBD on Seniors

Health benefits of CBD products are proven and many people of 55+ age are trying this new alternative of medicines. Pain is one of the most unwanted parts of aging and one cannot avoid it. Seniors in the USA have found CBD products effective to ensure wellness and vitality.

From joint swelling and general pain, CBD can act as a promising solution for pain management. CBD interacts directly with the CB2 receptors and reduces discomfort in any target area.

Risk Associated 

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, CBD products do not pose any significant threat to seniors. One of the best parts is that most of the CBD remedies do not interact with the bloodstream. However, overdose, self-medication, and abuse of the CBD products can invite some side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, mood swing, changes in appetite and weight, etc.

Use Cases of CBD for Pain

If you are a senior and suffering from chronic joint pain, you are vulnerable to the risk of side effects caused by different pain-reliever drugs. Besides, if you have any problem with your kidney, heart or liver, your physician may not prescribe pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory drugs. CBD, on the other hand, is almost side-effect free and can be taken as a pain reliever with various health issues.

How to Use CBD for Pain?

The doses and duration of CBD products depend on the severity of illness and other factors. CBD products are available in the forms of liquid (oil, tinctures, extract), edibles (capsules, powder) isolates and concentrates.

If you are taking CBD for joint or muscle pain, you can prefer a topical cream while the edibles option can be suitable for patients suffering from chronic or internal pain. It is better to consult with a physician before you start taking any CBD product.

Living with pain can be a dreadful experience and long-term consumption of pain-reliever drugs can invite severe side effects. CBD products can reduce pain and the symptoms of various types of health issues without causing side effects. CBD products with less than 0.3 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are legal in some states. Never forget to check the legality of CBD products in your state before purchasing them.

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