CBD Dos and Don’ts for Seniors – Risks and Rewards

CBD dos and donts for Seniors
10 CBD Dos and Don’ts for Seniors – Risks and Rewards 

The craze of CBD has spread across the world. Sensing its demand and possibility for the treatment of several chronic diseases, the administrations of several states are gearing up to legalize the medicinal use of CBD. Seniors are more prone to develop chronic health disorders than young adults and many among them often prefer CBD-based products to improve their conditions. However, as a senior, you might have tried CBD-based drugs and found them ineffective. Well, it can happen to anyone who used CBD products without knowing them properly. Inaccurate use of CBD can deliver unexpected outcomes and you must be aware of the dos and don’ts before consuming them. Take a look at top 10 CBD dos and don’ts and we hope this will help you to avail positive results from your CBD products. 

1 Source of the product  

Don’t: People often search for the cheapest deal when it comes to purchasing medicines. Online stores and over –the –counter shops are some of the options you find in the process. Although the FDA has not approved the practice of buying CBD without prescription, some scammers are selling out low-quality products. You will be surprised to know that nearly 70% of the CBD products sold are not original and they do not contain the right percentage of CBD. Hence, do not buy CBD-based products if you are not sure about its source. 

Do: Always prefer products made by a reputable brand and check the evidence of lab tests. Reading customer reviews can also be an effective step.

2 Quantity of doses 

Don’t: After getting the right product, you have to ensure the right doses. The quantity or frequency of the dosage is very important. If you are a senior, never start consuming CBD with a huge quantity, as this can invite side-effects. 

Do: Start with the minimum dosage and increase the volume with time. If you are purchasing CBD for some specific condition, ask your physician for instruction and try to follow them.

3 Keep Patience 

Don’t: As a senior, you might be under a strict medication and must wait to avail the positive effects of CBD-based drugs. People often expect instant relief and they tend to shift to other drugs once they do not get expected results. 

Do: Seniors prefer to consume CBD to heal their chronic diseases and it may take time for CBD to show its effect especially when a person is already on other medication.

4 Choose the right form 

Don’t: CBD-based drugs are available in many forms like oil, cream, capsules, edibles, tinctures and more. Don’t buy a form that you cannot take conveniently. For example, older adults often develop digestive issues and it will not be a good idea to buy capsules in such a condition. 

Do: Buy products according to your condition. If the issue can be addressed with a topical balm, do not go for the oils or edibles like gummies.

5 Isolates or full-spectrum 

Don’t: Seniors often prefer full-spectrum CBD products thinking they are more effective than isolated CBD products. There is a big difference between isolate and full-spectrum CBD products and you must know how they are made. 

Do: Although full-spectrum CBD products come with greater therapeutic value, it is better to go with the isolated CBD for a side-effect-free solution.

6 Expectation 

Don’t: CBD is not a magic drug and you cannot expect any miracle from it. If you are a senior, you might be suffering from many health conditions. The efficacy of CBD-based drugs often depends on factors like metabolism, genetics, and biochemistry. 

Do: The reactions of CBD-based drugs vary from one person to another. So, you have to look at your condition first before evaluating the effect of CBD on your health.

7 Check Legality 

Don’t: Despite knowing the fact that the sale and consumption of CBD-based drugs are illegal in the state, some people try to purchase them from other states where the sale and consumption of CBD are legal. This can be a punishable offense. 

Do: Check your state’s policy on CBD-based products and prefer to purchase them only if they are legal in your state.

8 Side Effects 

Don’t: CBD-based drugs interact with other medications which may not be a good sign for the older adults. Beware of side-effects like diarrhea, fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth and many other such conditions and prefer forms and dosage of CBD accordingly. 

Do: If you are on other medication, talk to your physician regarding the dosages and frequency.

9 Interference in other medication  

Don’t: Seniors are more prone to suffer from multiple health disorders than young adults and CBD may treat many of them. CBD-based drugs can reduce the efficiency of other medicines and you should avoid taking them simultaneously. 

Do: If you are on medication for a specific health issue, make sure the CBD-based drug does not interfere in it.

10 Recreational Use 

Don’t: Recreational use of CBD-based products is strictly banned across many states in the USA. Misuse of abuse of CBD can invite severe health issues. 

Do: Make sure the recreational use of CBD is legal in your state. If you are a senior, avoid taking dosages in large quantities. Research says use of CBD-based drugs may help many older adults.

If you are suffering from chronic pain or any other age-related disorders, you may try CBD-based drugs and see how it can influence your life. However, you must do so only as per your physician’s advice. The legality and the intensity of dosage remain an important factor and you should not ignore them in any way.   

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