How CBD Can Help Seniors to Fight off Seasonal Allergies

How CBD Can Help Seniors to Fight off Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergy is also known as hay fever and more than 8% of Americans especially children and seniors experience it every year. Several factors including outdoor allergens are responsible for seasonal allergenic reactions. If you are a senior, seasonal allergy can make your life difficult with symptoms like sneezing, ear congestions, runny nose, itchy sinuses, itchy eyes and more.

Over the counter medicines might be the conventional way to go with but you can also try alternatives medicines to heal yourself naturally. CBD can be a natural solution to deal with seasonal allergy and you can avail it easily. If you want to prepare yourself to fight off seasonal allergies in a better way, you must learn about the key benefits of CBD and how it can help you to get relief from seasonal allergic symptoms.   

What is Seasonal Allergy and why you should take it seriously?

Seasonal allergy or hay fever develops when our immune system overreacts due to the availability of some external allergens like pollen derived from wind-pollinated plants like trees, weeds and grasses and. The overreaction of our immune system causes allergenic responses.

The hay-cutting season is considered to be the period when people around the area catch the disease most. However, seasonal allergy can be caused by pollens from different plants hence; you can experience its symptoms at different seasons. Have a look at some key symptoms of seasonal allergies.

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Ear congestion
  • Itchy sinus, ear canals or throat
  • Postnasal drainage
  • Couching, headache, wheezing, shortness of breath (rare symptoms)

These are some of the symptoms you can experience for seasonal allergies. Since seniors are more vulnerable to this disease than young adults, they need to take the symptoms seriously. Taking over the counter medicines to treat seasonal allergies often becomes difficult for seniors. This is because they need to take different types of medicines to stay healthy. Let us talk about CBD and why it can be a great alternative to get relief from seasonal allergies. 

CBD and Allergies 

CBD or cannabinoid is a naturally available substance and people often use it to get relief from various health conditions. Although no study or research has been done yet to find CBD’s effect on allergy symptoms, thousands of people especially seniors across the United States have shown faith in this alternative remedy and received satisfactory outcomes.

Properties in CBD can lower inflammation levels by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in our body. This can be a key reason why CBD-based products are used to get relief from allergy symptoms. Many people have tried CBD-based products like oil, gummies, and ointment to get relief from allergy symptoms and witnessed positive results.

62-year-old Jordon Willie from Hartford, Connecticut was one of the people who have tried alternative treatment to get relief from seasonal allergies. Jordan has tried CBD oil to fight allergic symptoms and receive amazing benefits. In a statement, Jordan said that with the help of CBD, he has managed to neutralize the symptoms of seasonal allergies. He added that the positive effect of CBD was beyond expectations. It seems that the anti-inflammatory properties in CBD might have helped Jordon to improve his condition. 

How CBD Can Improve Your Condition?

Several clinical studies say beneficial properties in CBD can improve the immune system. If you take CBD oil to lower allergenic symptoms, you are helping your body to improve the immune system. Allergenic symptoms are a response from our immune system and it indicates the presence of harmful foreign substances in our body.

Beneficial properties in CBD-based products can be used to make the endocannabinoid system healthier and regular use of CBD can help you to get relief from allergenic symptoms. Remember, you cannot use CBD as an emergency intervention, as the substance takes time to show its effect.

CBD encourages our body to improve the conditions of endocannabinoid receptors by establishing connections with them through the brain, body and nervous systems. According to some researchers, CBD may help our body to balance the immune system and a healthier immune system can fight external substances that can cause allergies.

CBD’s properties can lower inflammation level and reduce pain caused by allergenic reactions. Full-spectrum CBD oil features antimicrobial properties that often help our body to fight against infections caused by allergies.

This is how CBD can be a reliable companion in the process of getting relief from seasonal allergies. CBD is a natural substance and you can hardly witness any symptoms even after regular use. Regular use of CBD can improve your sleep and appetite and you can consume it in many ways.

CBD-based products might prove to be beneficial for seniors seeking a long-lasting and side-effect-free remedy to deal with seasonal allergies. If you are a senior and want to include CBD in your daily routine, you can talk to your physician to confirm dosage and the frequency of use for a better outcome.

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